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  • TradeStation’s award-winning trading platform, trading software and online financial brokerage services set the standard for fundamental and technical analysis of financial markets, and for direct access online trading across multiple asset classes. We invite you to discover why TradeStation consistently ranks as the best stock trading system, best options trading system and best futures trading system available for intermediate and advanced traders. Through our proprietary and customizable trading tools, TradeStation can help you create custom trading strategies, back-test them against our extensive historical database and automate the real-time monitoring and execution of your strategies. Reduce your trading costs with TradeStation’s competitively low commission rates for online stock trading, online options trading and online futures trading.


    Which pricing plan best fits your trading style?


    As low as $4.99/trade New accounts receive $4.99/trade for the first month!4 No additional charge on cancelled/ unexecuted shares.


    $0.01/share With an even lower commission rate of $0.006 after the first 500 shares per trade. No additional charge on cancelled/ unexecuted shares. Includes all direct routing fees; $1 minimum per trade.
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    Note: Both stocks and options can be traded in a TradeStation equities account. The commission plan you choose (per-share vs. per-trade) applies to both stock and options trading in that account.


    As low as $0.002/share Participate in liquidity rebates and fees.  Minimum trading volumes may apply. To set up a new account under this plan, contact the unbundled pricing sales team directly at 1-800-770-4049 orsales@tradestation.com or click here to apply online. View Examples
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